Syllabus Tips

  • Indicate Service Learning clearly as part of the learning objectives.  Often times students are not familiar with service learning, so making it part of the syllabus can prepare the students for what to expect during the semester. Provide rationale about why service learning is important for the course and how the learning goals and objectives are connected.
  • Describe clearly how service learning will be measured, and what will be measured.
  • Describe the nature of the service aspect of the course.  Are students free to choose their own placements or will the faculty establish projects?
  • Specify the roles and responsibilities of students in regards to the community partner project (ie, transportation, time commitment, schedule, contacts, etc.)
  • Define the goals and expectations of the project for students clearly
  • Provide clear links between the course content, the service activity, and student success.
  • Describe the critical reflection process. Whether journaling, discussing, writing papers, creating portfolios, or making presentations, students should be aware of how they will be demonstrating their learning.
  • Describe if there are expectations for the public dissemination of student work.