Hartford Clock Tower

“It was difficult because they weren’t there...when we got there, there was just a bunch of missing components that we had to design from scratch.”

-Garrett Murphy




UConn Mechanical Engineering students restore the historic Keney Memorial Clock Tower in Hartford as a senior design project.

The students were able to restore the clock tower over the course of one year. Students were able to do so without a schematic, seeing as there are no designs and many of the clock tower's parts are too old to identify or no longer used in present-day engineering.

Today, the Keney Clock Tower is fully functioning and stands as an example of ingenuity and dedication to the Hartford community.

Project Goals:

Restore the non-functional Keney Clock Tower to its former glory and assist in the preservation of this historic landmark.



“The whole task was a bit daunting. There were a lot of pieces that were gone completely. A lot of things that were broken. We weren’t entirely sure how everything worked."

-UConn student Henry Courchaine.




Julia Yakovich

Director of UConn Service Learning