UCONN is collaborating with the Metropolitan District of Hartford (MDC) and Resource Recovery Systems (REA).


The Metropolitan District of Hartford, Connecticut (MDC) has approached and asked REA to develop a FOG Management Program for the city of Hartford. REA has agreed to do so, and the first part of the program is an educational phase that can make extensive use of UCONN. REA is offering UCONN the opportunity to participate in a very large program of community outreach and service learning to support and maintain the critical infrastructure of Hartford. Discussions between REA and Julia Yakovich have indicated the UCONN portion of the program can be best coordinated by Julia Yakovich as the Director of Public Engagement.


  • UCONN student surveying of Hartford Food Service Establishments
  • survey data collection
  • proper FOG disposal education
  • REA collection of FOG
  • conversion of FOG into bio-fuel

Project Goal:

REA’s immediate objective is to build a team of faculty and students at UCONN that will initiate the educational activities with the 1,600 Food Service Establishments (FSE’s) in Hartford. We envision doing this by identifying service learning courses and opportunities we can participate in during the Fall semester of 2019. The goal of this being to recruit student teams to educate and engage with FSE’s during the Spring semester of 2020. 


Upon completion and implementation of the educational program, UCONN can continue participating in the program as we develop regulatory enforcement tools, compliance databases, and engineering solutions for the final disposition of FOG in Hartford.


Julia Yakovich

University Director of Service Learning Initiatives

Wilbur Cross Building, Room i-104

Storrs Campus