As of spring of 2014 Service Learning courses are designated in Peoplesoft. We ask all faculty who teach service learning to complete this submission process in order to get your course designated.  Having courses designated will allow the University and the Office of Service Learning have accurate service learning course information for reporting and quality control purposes.

 Application is below.  

Once submitted, your application will go to the Office of Service Learning and will be reviewed by the Service Learning Committee.


In completing this form and upon receiving the service learning designation you can anticipate several benefits:


1 – Students will have clear expectations of service learning activities and participation when they sign up for your class.

2 – Academic Advisors will have the ability to communicate about service learning specific courses with students.

3 – You will have access to support from the Offices of Public Engagement and Service Learning in addition to the Institute for Teaching and Learning for your course.

4 – Service Learning courses can be reported in Digital Measures self-evaluation at the end of the year under categories such as “Teaching Innovations and Other Pedagogical activities”; “Other Instructional Activities”; “Public and Community Service”; “Other Industry/Faculty Collaboration”.

5 – You can contribute to a growing group of engaged scholars.


If you are submitting this form for Fall 2014 designation, you will receive a response within a week from your submission.  Courses will be reviewed on a rolling basis and you will be further notified of specific deadlines.


If you have any concerns or challenges in completing this form, please contact Julia M. Yakovich at for technical support.


Application for Service Learning Course Designation

Please complete this form in order to receive the SL designation for your course. Courses will be reviewed as they are received but our goal is to have as many in the system prior to student course registration in any given semester. If you have any questions please contact Julia Yakovich at for support.